“Age is something that doesn't matter, unless you are a cheese.” - Luis Bunuel

“Or an 80’s break dance movie.” - Dominic Orlando



Leon Isaac Kennedy

Nicholas Campbell

John Mengatti

Janine Turner

Stoney Jackson

Directed by

Dominic Orlando

Written by

Leon Isaac Kennedy

Produced by

Leon Isaac Kennedy and John Strong

Executive Producers

Michael Franzese and Jerry Zimmerman

Distributor: New World Pictures

Release Date: 1986

Genre: Action/Adventure

Run Time: 87 min.


    The Royals, a street gang and amateur rock band, meet a drunk in jail who claims to be the owner of a record company. On the outside, they look him up, but are rebuffed by Brooke, his yuppie daughter. They leave a demo tape behind anyway. She and her dad Delamo like it, but they don’t know how to find The Royals again, so they devise a talent contest, figuring the band will surface. Trying to use the contest to gain a political foothold, Delamo announces that no band can qualify if any member is currently in trouble with the police. Despite the interference of another gang, The Royals put their music above all else, and win the grand prize... a recording contract!

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