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No, I haven’t won any Oscars - not yet, anyway - but I did direct music videos for three Academy Award Best Original Songs.

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Beauty and the Beast
A Whole New World
Colors of the Wind


Oak Ridge Boys - Deliver

Diana Ross - Swept Away

Diana Ross - Missing You

Céline Dion - Unison

Céline Dion - Céline Dion

Reba McEntire - Starting Over

Reba McEntire- What If It’s You


Céline Dion - Unison

Céline Dion - Céline Dion

Céline Dion & Peabo Bryson 

- Beauty and the Beast

Peabo Bryson & Regina Bell

- A Whole New World

Vanessa Williams

- Colors of the Wind

Reba McEntire - Starting Over

Reba McEntire- What If It’s You

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Cheap Trick’s

“Pendulum Paddle”


        Rick Nielsen, the band’s lead guitarist, surprised us with this custom guitar paddle for use as a prop on the “Up the Creek” video shoot. It was created by Hamer Guitars, the company famous for making many of his unique custom-made guitars.

        Rick used it throughout the video as a paddle, and at the end of the three day shoot, I was rewarded with it - presumably for running the band ragged on location in the mountains of Benedict Canyon, paddling in a bathtub, performing in a bathtub, playing a wet-sponge guitar, and hot-tubbing with bikini-clad (and unclad) girls, among other embarrassing scenarios.

        The band autographed the guitar paddle, referencing my old company Pendulum Productions. Click to view photo.

Diana Ross - Swept Away

1984 Nominee

Best Female Performance Video

National Academy of Video Arts & Sciences


Fight Fire With Fire


       This bottle of 1983 Cuveé Dom Perignon was awarded to me by the band Kansas in appreciation of the music video “Fight Fire With Fire” that I directed. Their attached note said: “Thank you for our first “feature film!”

        A few months later, the clip was blown up to 35mm, and played as an opening short film for Francis Coppola’s “Rumble Fish” in limited release around the US.

        I still haven’t opened the bottle. It must be really vintage by now.

Audrey Wheeler

“I’m Yours Tonight”


       Primarily known as New York-based session singer, Audrey was easily one of the most talented singers that I ever worked with. She performed her heart out in the music video. It’s one of my favorite clips (to be transferred soon).

        The bottle of 1990 St. Cosbone Carignane is of a homemade wine. Its vintner, the legendary Tom Cossie, Audrey’s record producer, rewarded it to me for the happy results of her music video, “I’m Yours Tonight, which I had directed. It hasn’t been opened it yet, thus relegating it to vintage status.

        What I would have opened was another bottle of Tom’s homemade grappa, the first of which my producer Joseph and I, along with our client, had polished off at a morning pre-production meeting at the offices of Ear Candy Records in Manhattan. The meeting was a great success and resulted a few days later in a successful, albeit sober, day of production.


Reba McEntire

“On My Own”


A Message from Reba